February Schedule of Lectures

Feb 2016 Lectures

Jewish History @ Avenue J
A Community Project of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences

1602 Avenue J
Monday Nights, 7-8pm
Free and Open to the Community
Lectures by Dean Henry Abramson
No hard questions, please.

February 2016: Jews of the Seventeenth Century

Feb 1. David Gans
Scientist, historian and theologian, Rabbi Gans bridged the widening gap between religion and secularism in a time of dramatic intellectual upheaval.

Feb 8. Sara Copia Sullam
A passionate lover of Italian poetry, Sara Copia Sullam boldly defended her ancestral faith from attacks by powerful men.

Feb 15. Sarah, wife of Shabbetai Tsvi
Orphaned by the Eastern European pogroms of 1649-49, the volatile Sarah became the spouse of the infamous messianic pretender.

Feb 22. Rabbi David HaLevi Segal
Known as the Taz for his most enduring work, a commentary on the Code of Jewish Law, Rabbi Segal forged a link in the great chain of the Jewish intellectual tradition.

Feb 29. Hillel Ba’al Shem
A mysterious figure of the late 17th and early 18th centuries whose recently discovered work sheds light on the world of popular culture from which Hasidism emerged.

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