The Fall 2016 Schedule of Lectures is Complete!

Hello fellow students of Jewish history! I’m very proud to announce the Fall 2016 schedule of lectures in Jewish history, featuring the Jewish History @ J series at the Mighty Avenue J campus of Touro College!  Please visit this link for the full calendar, with photos and descriptions:

Last year, without even trying, we received over $2,000 to support scholarships for deserving students on our campus. This year we’d like to help many, many more students. I’m thinking a goal of more like $100,000 over the Fall and Spring terms. If you are as passionate about Jewish history and thought as I am, you’ll know how crucial it is that we continue to provide our students with the wherewithal to study this subject at an advanced level.  Please click here if you would like to help us in our common goal:, or contact me directly (, or 718-252-7800 x59333).

We are all really looking forward to seeing you at the Fall 2016 lectures, beginning October 31! And if you live too far away to participate live–please continue to enjoy the videos of the lectures and participate in the online discussion.



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  1. thank you. however is there a printable on one sheet version of the brooklyn lectures that can be put on the refrigerator door with a magnet?

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