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Hello fans of Jewish History!

We have some very exciting plans developing for the Fall 2016 lecture series. I’m thinking about organizing a live webcast, live Q&A sessions, and a few other really cool things. We are thinking about how we can bring the lectures to a new level of technical quality, and that’s where you come in–as a potential member of the FRIENDS OF JEWISH HISTORY!

We are completely committed to providing these lectures free of charge to a live audience in Brooklyn, and then to the global audience through the Internet. The stats are really impressive, I think–about 10,000 followers on various social media, with 1,200 watching daily on YouTube alone! Thank you.

We are also totally committed to raising funds to support undergraduate students with the Jewish History @ Avenue J Scholarship Fund, which raised over $2,000 last semester without really trying.

Still, we really want to improve the technical quality of the lectures, so I’ve started the Friends of Jewish History.

Would you like to join with me to take this Jewish History project to the next level? Here’s a few suggestions:

  1. Like, share, and comment on the lectures! Free, meaningful, and much appreciated.
  2. If you’re near Brooklyn or one of the cities I occasionally lecture in, please attend a lecture and say hello! (see for the current schedule).
  3. Consider donating to the Jewish History @ Avenue J Scholarship Fund ( Funds donated to this charitable cause go directly to fund scholarships for my undergraduate students in Jewish history.
  4. Consider joining the Friends of Jewish History by sponsoring an upcoming Jewish History lecture. Unlike the Scholarship Fund, which goes directly to supporting students, donations to the Friends of Jewish History fund go to improving the quality of the lectures themselves.(Note to current undergraduate students: I appreciate your enthusiasm, but please don’t use this option. The lecture series is designed to support you, not the other way around.)

We’ve got a whole pile of ideas to improve the technical quality of the lectures with better lighting, cameras and audio, and I would really love to have someone professionally edit the videos. I’d also like to use some of the funds to hire more students to help with the filming, setting up the auditorium space, and things like that.

Sponsoring a lecture is $250, for which we will happily provide you with the following privileges and benefits:

  1. Membership in the Friends of Jewish History.
  2. Free gifts (like maybe fridge magnets with dates of lectures) whenever we make them.
  3. Thank-you message at the beginning of the lecture you sponsored, mentioned live and in the opening credits of the video. Honor a loved one!
  4. Special invitations to live webcasts and Q&A sessions.
  5. Other cool things we haven’t thought of yet.

How does that sound? Nice? Okay, maybe you’d like to choose a lecture to sponsor? Here’s what we are planning for Fall 2016:

  1. October 31: Who Was Vladimir Jabotinsky?
  2. November 7: Who Was Rabbi Avraham Isaac Kook?
  3. November 21: Who Was Emma Goldman?
  4. November 28: Who Was Franz Kafka?
  5. December 5: Who Was Janusz Korczak?
  6. December 12: Who Was the Chazon Ish?
  7. December 19: Who Was Elie Wiesel?

Okay, I guess that’s that. We have some really exciting plans–did you notice the live webcasts and Q&A sessions?–but we’ll need some resources to put these ideas into effect. Please consider supporting us!

You might also want to forward this post, or just this link:

Thanks very much, and looking forward to seeing you at the lectures starting October 31!



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