Sponsorships Available for Jewish History Lectures!

Hello fans of Jewish history!

I had a blast meeting with the Flatbush Honor Society students today–twenty-eight highly motivated, superbly acute and brilliant young women who are preparing to CHANGE THE WORLD. They are truly fantastic, and often thank the Almighty for the privilege of working with these young people, along with all my students. I believe they will make the world a more beautiful place for my grandchildren!

They, in turn, believe in me–at least, in my ability to provide them with the intellectual tools and context to achieve greatness in their future professions and careers. Not sure their confidence is as valid as it should be, but that does not exempt me from turning to you, my fellow-travelers in the complexities of Jewish history, to ask for your help!

The grand point of these lectures (outlined in the Jewish History Manifesto) does not involve money. I am exceptionally pleased that so many people enjoy them and share them with others, and we are totally committed to keeping them free of charge. My students, on the other hand, could use some assistance. Many of them come from very large religious families, and many of them are the first in their family to ever attend college.  So here’s where you come in!

Three Magnificent Ways You can Help:

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing! Watch the lectures and like, comment, and especially share.
  2. Take your virtual experience into the real world (I think the young people use the acronym RW?). Read a book on Jewish history or thought, invite or be invited to a Shabbat meal, something like that. If you’re conveniently located, show up on a Monday night for a Jewish History lecture in person at the mighty Avenue J campus itself!
  3. Contribute to one of two fundraising opportunities. Click here for the Jewish History @ Avenue J Scholarship fund, which benefits students directly.  Click here for the Friends of Jewish History fund, which defrays the operating costs of the lectures and the videos. Sponsorships, full and partial are available for several lectures this Fall.

Let me know what you decide!  We are so proud to include you in our audience.


P.S. Would you like one of our nifty new gift bookmarks?


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