Who Was Rav Kook?

Mystic and early Zionist, Rabbi Avraham Isaac Kook’s challenging and eclectic philosophy has inspired generations of Jews since his passing in 1935. Often misunderstood, Rav Kook’s role as one of the principal Rabbinic figures of the era was foundational for establishing a religious ideology for the the modern, secular and democratic state of Israel.


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    Another interesting lecture abo A spiritual leader in a time of controversy. Pleas take the time to watch and learn.

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    As always you piqued my interest in the controversial subject of how the modern nation state of Israel deals with the Sabbatical year! I’m leaving a link to a short article about the controversy. Thank you and may the One God bless you and prosper you in all that you do.



  3. Pat says:

    It was an honor to be mentioned at your talk! I can only hope others will be inspired to sponsor these good talks. And I will again as my budget allows. 🙂

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