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One of our core values is that high-quality, academic information on Jewish history should be FREE. We’re very proud of our altruistic approach, and we don’t want to change. At the same time, we have a Jewish History student intern to support, a shoestring advertising budget to spread the word, and of course hours invested in researching, delivering, filming and editing the videos for the world at large.
Help us out by joining the Friends of Jewish History!  Sponsor a lecture for $250 or partially sponsor for whatever makes sense for your budget–we will include a message of thanks in the lecture.  You can then forward the link to all your former friends to show them what a mentsch you are!
P.S. The hero picture above is of me (left) and the great Jewish historian Rabbi Berel Wein. I didn’t ask him if I could shamelessly use his photo to promote Jewish history. I figured he would approve.

Lectures this Week

 Free and Open to the Community, as Usual!

Who Was Franz Kafka?

Titled “poet of shame and guilt” by a recent biographer, Franz Kafka’s early twentieth-century writings have challenged generations of readers worldwide. Inspired in part by his early infatuation with his Jewish background, his haunting and opaque tales continued to be studied as statements of the modern condition.

Mon, November 28, 20167:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST

Touro College, Lander College of Arts and Sciences – Ave. J

1602 Avenue J

Brooklyn, NY 11230

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto and the Sabbatean Legacy

Part II of Spiritual Leadership in Times of Controversy

A brilliant Rabbinic scholar and kabbalist, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (1707-1746) was hounded by critics who claimed his thought was influenced by the 17th century false messiah Shabbetai Tsvi.  New archival research sheds light on this bitter controversy.

Wednesday, November 30
Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst
8 Spruce Street
Cedarhurst NY 11516

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