Well, almost, not exactly, sort of actually even better–Dr. Gary Neuman and his wife Michal have sponsored the lecture on Elie Wiesel, scheduled for December 19.  As I’m sure you are aware, Dr. Neuman is a world-renowned psychologist who has appeared on Oprah many times, so that’s almost like Oprah sponsoring by extension, right?

The Neumans are sponsoring the December 19 lecture on Elie Wiesel in honor of my “tireless efforts to educate our community” (nice thing to say, really appreciated it).  We have one lecture left for sponsorship this Fall: The Chazon Ish on December 12.  Sponsorships for Spring lectures are also welcome, but I haven’t released the schedule yet. Join our project! You’ll be in really excellent company.

Dr. Neuman is especially well-known for his pioneering work on relationships, which he has built into the entire Neuman Method. Here’s a link to one of his Oprah appearances.

Thank you Dr. Gary and Michal Neuman! And sort of Oprah too!

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