Hilula for the Piaseczno Rebbe

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Conducted in darkness according to the Piaseczno custom, Rabbi Weinberger presided over a moving Hilula last night in honor of the Piaseczno Rebbe’s 74th yahrzeit. Visit¬†http://www.aishkodesh.org/¬†and scroll down to watch the recording, featuring beautiful music by Yosef Karduner and of course the words of Rabbi Weinberger. He begins speaking at 1:00, and his opening joke is priceless–a reflection of his uniquely modern sensibility, infused with the warmth of Piaseczno hasidus. He also said some very kind words about my new book in his opening comments (1:04 ff.), but in punishment for my many sins, the audio feed seems to have been corrupted at that point, so you just hear a little bit of his comments. Most of the Rebbe’s words, however, came out perfectly, and it’s worthwhile to listen to his inspirational words on the Torah of the Aish Kodesh.

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