Rabbi Efrem Goldberg on The Aish Kodesh

I was stopped on my way in to davening this morning by someone who told me about the incredible shiur that Rabbi Efrem Goldberg of Boca Raton Synagogue gave on the Aish Kodesh this week. Here’s the excerpt–Rabbi Goldberg captures the agony of the Rebbe after the loss of his family in his typically powerful manner. If you only learn one piece of Torah from the Aish Kodesh–this must be the one. Rabbi Goldberg also said some very kind things about my book, and I’m humbled by his praise. I’ve just included 10 minutes, but the entire shiur is really valuable: you can hear it all at YUTorah Online. Note also that the new critical edition he refers to is the work of Daniel Reiser, published under the title תורה משנות הזעם, two volumes.


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