Rabbi Shlomo Katz on the Aish Kodesh

I had chills listening to Rabbi Shlomo Katz review the Rebbe’s words on this week’s parashah. I am grateful for his kind words of praise for my recent book on the historical context of the Aish Kodesh, but to tell the truth, I hardly recognized my own words from the masterful treatment they received from a true Hasid of the Rebbe. Check out his class on Facebook:¬†https://www.facebook.com/shlomo.katz?hc_ref=ARSiU_t7R2RkmNsbmHA0Z2-jZxWR7c2POFK4yhnAHK6L3L8RpxpJlWZtcjXF0BvRe2Y&pnref=story

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