“Faith is not an argument. It is a conversation.”

“Faith is not an argument. It is a conversation, in which we listen, accept the premises of the interaction, make active choices and contributions, shift our direction as necessary based on the cues we hear, and most importantly, keep the conversation alive and active…Abramson’s work allows us to eavesdrop on one of the most powerful conversations of faith ever recorded.”

That’s my favorite passage from Dr. Chana Silberstein’s kind review, which I just read after receiving my copy of Lubavitch International (one of my favorite Jewish periodicals). Dr. Silberstein’s sophisticated review is unusually comprehensive, giving a lot of weight to Rabbi Shapiro’s prewar work, and then focussing his thoughts during the war.

The Piaseczno Rebbe was an associate of the Frierdiker Rebbe (the 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe, and the Tanya is one of the most quoted sources in his work, especially the Aish Kodesh. I’m very grateful to Lubavitch International for promoting the unique and powerful thought of the Piaseczno Rebbe to their wide readership.

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