A ‘NOVUM IN THE HISTORY OF THE COSMOS:’ Dr. Norman Ravvin on The Piaseczno Rebbe

Really nice to see that readers in my native Canada are encountering the Piaseczno Rebbe: Here’s a new review by Dr. Norman Ravvin, appearing in the current Canadian Jewish News.

Note to my dear readers: the book is in Judaica stores, on Amazon and Kindle, but my favorite (and the best value) is the beautiful hardcover edition, available here with 15% discount.


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  1. Charles Joseph says:

    What do you think of this review? I liked it in that he quoted and paraphrased from the book, but he acts almost as if he wrote it. He should have said “Abramson’s work is stunning along those lines. He is parsimonious with his praise. But I think it will sell books nevertheless, which is the goal.


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