Free Online Resources for the Ten Days of Repentance

Hello everyone!

Please visit this site for my translation of Rabbi Moshe Cordovero’s classic Tomer Devorah (The Kabbalah of Forgiveness), a text often studied at precisely this time of year as we strive to improve our relationships with each other, with G-d, and with ourselves. The site also features a series of brief videos on each of the 13 strategies of forgiveness.

I’m also proud to offer a series of 40 brief online lectures (!) covering the entirety of Maimonides’ Laws of Repentance, in memory of my father, Jack David Abramson of blessed memory.  More information on the translation and links to the free videos are available here.

Wishing you all a successful completion of the High Holy Days–may 5779 be a year that initiates a period of spiritual and material prosperity for you, your families, and all those around you.

With gratitude for your interest in our shared research,

G’mar ve-Hasimah Tovah,

Henry Abramson

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  1. I enjoy your lectures
    Also interested in how your family arrived at iroquois falls in northern Ontario
    Myself..born in Montreal and transplanted to Toronto
    I would like to know more about sponsoring a lecture..I would like others to learn and enjoy

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