Tonight in Budapest, Hungary

Hello fellow students of Jewish history!

Today our exploration of Jewish heritage along the Danube River valley begins in Budapest, home to one of the largest concentrations of Jews at the turn of the 20th century. I’m really thrilled to be together with so many people who share my passion for the amazing story of the Jewish people, and once I deal with some of the inevitable jet lag, I’m looking forward to giving the first lecture in the European series tonight (a video version, recorded in Brooklyn, is posted on this site). Tremendous thanks to the great people at Kosher River Cruises for including me in this expedition!

We have one rather unexpected environmental challenge to deal with–the Danube is running at historically low levels this fall, the result of a season-long drought. Most of the tributaries of this mighty river, especially in its lower stretches, are starved for water. Amazingly, the river dipped to 41 centimeters here at Budapest, a terrifying reminder of the dangers of climate change.

We will adapt by staying in the Marriott Budapest tonight, with full kosher catering by Master Chef Malcolm Green, and adapt our itinerary accordingly. More updates to follow.

And for Jewish history fans in Brooklyn–we’re scheduled to begin our live lecture series on Monday, November 5 at 7:00 pm as usual. Please sign up for updates via email at

Looking forward to learning with you!


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  1. Dr. Abramson, thanks for this amazing and incredible adventure! I can’t wait to watch the videos and learn from your teachings. All the best to you. Blessings!!

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