The Legend of the Four Captives (Jews of Italy pt. IV)

Brief reading of ibn Daud’s description of four Rabbis who left Italy by sea, only to fall prey to pirates. Their survival and eventual redemption, according to the medieval historian, is the reason for the development of Torah learning throughout the Mediterranean basin.


  1. Judge Howard I Lipsey says:

    Your work is SUPERB.

    Living in R.I., I do not have the privilege of attending your live lectures.

    Do you have a listing of all of your YouTube videos?

    Many thanks,

    Howard Lipsey

  2. Maria T Chamma says:

    I really admire your work

  3. Salim J Kanji says:

    After listening to your lectures, I appreciate the close relationship of the Islam and the Jewish faith. Than you for your continuing educational work.

  4. SAMIR SINGH says:

    Reading Torah is practicing good way of life.

  5. Dov goldberg says:

    As you have so many non-Jewish readers, you should do a video on the Sheva Mitzvos…

    Very much enjoy the lectures. Aleh V’Hatzlach

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