Announcing Jewish History in Daf Yomi

Good morning students of Jewish History!

I am proud to announce a new pilot project: Jewish History in Daf Yomi, part of the Orthodox Union Daf Yomi Initiative under the leadership of Rabbi Moshe Schwed.

Here’s the basic idea: brief (5-minute) videos discussing a historical issue raised in the world cycle of daily Talmud study known as Daf Yomi. Topics to be discussed include biographies of Talmudic figures, historical events, archaeological discoveries, numismatics, geography, and more.

It’s a huge project–2,711 videos over seven years–but we think it has the potential to really enhance the study of Daf Yomi world wide. We’re going to start with tractate Bechoros on April 9 (starting a few days before it actually begins in Daf Yomi so the videos for Passover will all be available before the holiday begins). Please visit for a hint of what’s to come!

Comments on this pilot project are more than welcome: please direct them to myself at or to Rabbi Schwed at

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