Dear fellow students of the Daf Yomi cycle of Talmud! I am extremely proud to announce that a new series, Jewish History in Daf Yomi, is scheduled for launch as part of the Orthodox Union Daf Yomi Initiative, spearheaded by the incomparable Rabbi Moshe Schwed.

My small part in the overall plan is to spend just a few minutes on every single daf (folio) of the Talmud discussing some aspect of Jewish history that appears on the page: biographies, culture, geography, numismatics and other realia. Our goal is to cover the entire seven-and-a-half year cycle, 2,711 videos in all!

Jewish History in Daf Yomi begins this Friday, with the beginning of Tractate Bechoros. Please visit the special Beyond the Daf page for some really cool Passover articles and videos, and sign up for updates as Rabbi Schwed brings us all together in time for the beginning of the Daf Yomi restart in January 2020.

Click here to visit the first page of Tractate Bechoros, which starts this Friday, and sign up for the podcast!

Wishing you all a kosher and joyous Passover,


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