Join Jewish History in Daf Yomi on WhatsApp!

Good morning indefatigable students of Jewish History!

I’m happy to inform you that my brief, somewhat strange mini-videos on the history of the Jews in the Talmudic period are now available on WhatsApp, thanks to the amazing efforts of the fantastic team at the OU Daf Yomi Initiative. Special H/T to EC Birnbaum who manages the feed.

If you’e interested in the historical world of the Talmud–biographies, politics, economics, geography, numismatics and culture–please text “history” to 732-606-5934 to be added to the group.

I’m on the WhatsApp myself and look forward to responding to the ensuing discussion. Just remember the cardinal rule: no hard questions, please.

Wishing you all a restorative, spiritually productive Sabbath,


P.S. For more information on the amazing All Daf app under development, including the phenomenal people who will be joining (like Rabbi Ya’akov Trump!), please visit

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