Please Join Me at Torah NY!

Good morning students of Jewish history! I hope you have Torah NY on your calendar for Sunday, September 22, at Citi Field NY. I’m really thrilled to be speaking there on my newest project, the rather audacious Jewish History in Daf Yomi podcast, which is part of the exciting All Daf app currently under construction by the OU Daf Yomi Initiative. The brainchild of Rabbi Moshe Schwed, this free app promises to revolutionize Talmud study by bringing together a wide variety of digital materials–text, audio and video–to support the hundreds of thousands of Daf Yomi students world wide.

Join us as we discuss our work on this new app, and get your feedback!

P.S. students of Jewish history are entitled to a 10% registration discount by entering in this secret code: TNY19NOHARDQS.

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