The Talmud in National Geographic!

The Talmud in National Geographic! Specifically, the tsnuami of 115 CE and the famous debate over the oven of Akhnai. Just a teaser in this little trailer for the second season (see if you can identify my voice!), the whole podcast is scheduled for release later this month. Was really a lot of fun to work with the NatGeo team..

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  1. dear Mr Abramson,
    my name is Maria Sinka, I am Hungarian, living with my family in Vienna, Austria. My elder daughter, Hanna got her name after Hanna Szenes, who was also Hungarian as mentioned in one of your lecture. I just wanted to tell you how much you made me happy when you read one her poem in Hebrew. 🙂 You also mentioned once that Hungarians a bit different and a bit sort of funny people, that is 100% true. In the meantime I have to tell you I enjoy your lessons not only because of their content but your sense of humour is just like the Hungarian one.

    Many thanks for the lectures and if you have the opportunity come to visit Budapest where you can find the 2 most beautiful synagogues all over the world. (in Dohány utca and Rumbach Sebestyen utca).

    I wish to you all the best.
    Kind regards,

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