Authenticity and Authority in the Internet Era

Tonight at YILC
Rabbi Joseph Rosen (“The Rogachover,” 1858-1936)

Tonight at YILC: the third and final lecture in the series on Talmudic history. I know it’s erev Thanksgiving, but I am especially looking forward to delivering this talk! Planning to discuss two bizarre stories related to the ambiguities of authenticity and authority: the appearance of the “lost” tractates of the Jerusalem Talmud at the turn of the 20th century, and Johannes Eisenmenger’s notorious antisemitic screed of the 17th century. While the previous two lectures focused on the tremendous potential democratization of Talmud learning in the Internet era, this lecture will examine how these two strange incidents shed light on the dangers of postmodernism in a time of almost unlimited connectivity.

7:30 pm prompt, free and open to the community. Maybe we will even put this lecture on the web later.

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