Free Ebook: The Sea of Talmud

Hello fellow students of Jewish history!

I’m pleased to announce that the second edition of The Sea of Talmud: A Brief and Personal Introduction is now available in a second, revised edition, in commemoration of the upcoming Siyum ha-Shas!

From Sunday December 8 through Thursday December 12 the Kindle ebook edition will be available for free. Please click here on those days to download a copy, or click here for the paperback.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief but fun video (fun for me, at any rate) in which I read some negative reviews of the first edition. I also read a few positive reviews too. Enjoy in good health!

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  1. I live in Mexico City. I atuséis in Israel and now I am studying here in Mexico a career calles “jewish studies”. Your lectures help me a lot with all my homework. Thank you si much

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