The SECRET History of Chanukah

The following eight brief videos are scheduled for release over the holiday (two on Friday morning, none on Saturday), looking at the Maccabean revolt and some aspects of the development of the Chanukah festival over the centuries. Enjoy in good health, but warning up front: some of them appear to have been written by the Grinch who stole Chanukah!

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  1. Dr. Abaramson
    Regarding Chanuka I dont have hard questions but I have hard opinions that differ from yours:
    Matityahu and his sons where Zadokim followers or cohen gadol Zadok.from the time king David and Shlomo They followed strictly the Torah did not believe in Tchiat hametim and after life. That made them fierce warriors. Liberated from slave mentality of the prushim that believed in after life
    Yehuda hamakabi was named hamakabi because he pulverized the greeks and the helenized Jews like a sledge hammer (Makevet) That makabi is mi kamocha baelim adonay it as rabinical invention to downplay the bravery and leadership of yehuda and that of his brothers. The story about the can of oil that lasted 8 days is also a rabinical invention. Yehuda hamakabi needed couple of month to collect Gold and create a new menorah replacing the menorah that Antiochos broke to pieces and melted also to construct a new altar from raw stones. There was plenty of time to produce clean olive oil.
    The 8 days come from the 8 days that yehuda celebrated the rededication of the Temple. Why 8 days because it had to be a shabat in the middle which involves korban musaf. Yehuda as cohen gadol wanted to verify that all rules of the Torah are followed.
    Firstbook of the makabim was written in Hebrew and translated to Greek . It was not included into the tenach by the Rabanim because of they wanted to wipe out the zadokim from the history.
    I have to stop here but have more to say on this subject
    Chag sameach best regards

    Alex Baldor

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