Truth will Spring from the Earth: Gutenberg, the Internet, and the New Uncertainty Principle

“Truth will Sprout from the Earth: Gutenberg, the Internet, and the New Uncertainty Principle.” Presentation at the XIII International Torah and Science Conference, Miami.

Introductory remarks by Dr. Nathan Katz.

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  1. Saul Harari says:

    Great Lecture,
    Tremendously important topic,

    I bought and read one of Shaggar’s English publications last Shabbat on Judaism and Postmodernism. Reading these essays gave me such angst, seeing Lacan psychobabble being quoted and related to Torah/Midrashim gave me such heartburn—I couldn’t sleep for two days! I do not question the author’s autodidactic brilliance—or purest intention, but I do disagree wholeheartedly with his approach towards this sophisticated, intellectual, cynical, and poetical form of (what most ordinary people would consider) LYING or pure NONSENSE. There will be no truth sprouting from the soil, once it is soaked in the poison of postmodernism—in fact the rejection of the existence of ANY truth de facto precludes the possibility of any meaningful moral/intellectual growth. To try and bring this obscurantist (and frankly evil) philosophy under the umbrella of Judaism is severely misguided in my opinion. Thanks again for the provocative lectures—keep them coming!

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