Jews, the First Crusade, and the Culture of Ashkenaz

After a discussion of Jewish communal structure in the medieval era, we will look at the devastation of the First Crusade and the Rhineland Massacres of 1096, follow up with some thoughts on the long-term impact on Ashkenazi Culture. Premiering today at 1 pm.

65. Premodern Jewish Communal Structure
66. The First Crusade and the Jews
67. Ashkenaz after the Crusades

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  1. I’m not Jewish but for some reason I have become fascinated with Jewish history. I’ve watched several of your earlier series such as the crash course on Jewish history and have kept up with your Jewish lab series. As I believe the Bible to be the Word of God, I like the way that you combine a respect for both the scientific study of history and for the Bible. I look forward to reading your book on Jewish history when it is published. Have you thought of doing a lecture on the history of the Siddur and the Synagogue service and maybe the differences between the Sefardic and Ashkenazi services?

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