Jews in the Medieval Economy

A look at the role of Jews in the medieval European economy, with emphasis on trade and finance. Premiering today at 1pm ET (New York Time) with live chat.

Premiering at 1pm with Live Chat

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  1. >>Dear Professor: There is a rumor that the current system of accounting was invented in the Middle Ages by a monk, whose name escapes me, but in the third of this mini-series, you said that the “kings” took us out of the business of money-lending, and the Church took over the function of providing interest at a lower rate, hence accountancy.
    >>A lawyer told me some years ago that usury is a rate set by statute in the modern age. Some how I am confused with all these apparently competing sentiments.
    >>Could you shed any light?
    Neil Goodman, BBA, MBA, LAC

  2. Dear Dr. Abramson,

    So appreciate and enjoy your wonderful history lectures! And, many other topics as well. So much to pick up form them, to enrich oneself.

    Absolutely agree that “the search for meaning and identity is one of great value.”! I can testify to that in my personal walk in seeking out my long-lost identity.
    And..that “studying of Jewish History has meaning and great value..” which led me to treasures beyond what I sought for.
    History “is one of many paths to the study of Torah…”!! Indeed!
    “…Torah study is enhanced by a fuller understanding of history”!
    Such amazing words, which was exactly how I feel. Torah is history revealed!

    So blessed to have somehow ‘found’ your videos and lectures.
    More to catch up with.. 🙂
    Thank you, and blessing you,

    Ester Miriam

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