1. Richard G MacDonald says:

    I agree with your headline; I suppose the powers that be would have us continue to bury our heads in the sand and eat pablum for history. The truth needs to be told but it always seems to be the political flavour of the day that gets told. I appreciate your videos Henry, Thank You.
    Richard MacDonald

  2. Dean Webb says:

    It is much easier to carry on as before if one never considers whether or not what went on before was justifiable. When we find the actions of the past to be unjustifiable, then we have to ask what aspects of our current system are fruits of that poisonous root and then work to provide a government that truly protects the weak and cares for the helpless.

  3. You bring up good points. You forgot to mention that banning an ideology usually jettisons the cause further. I need to ask if you have ever sat in on a class where CRT was taught or read its curriculum carefully. Otherwise, I feel you are just as “in the dark” as I am on whether this will move the country in a positive direction.

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