Jewish Migration to the Americas; The Haskalah; Torah and the Internet


Premiering today at 12pm ET: Jewish Migration to the New World. Following up on the previous Jewish History Lab video on the Origins of the Jews in the New World, this brief video will survey the major waves of Jewish migration in the 18th-20th centuries.


Final lecture in the three-part series entitled Hasidim, Mitnagdim and Maskilim: The Formation of Jewish Identity in the 18th century, 11:45 am ET at the Beit Midrash of Teaneck, 70 Sterling Place, Teaneck NJ. Zoom link available by writing to


The Jewish History Lab lecture series will not meet at YILC this Wednesday night. We plan to resume on December 18.


“Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Wisdom: Postmodernism and the Digital Age,” International Conference on Torah and Science, 1:45 PM ET. Link available at

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  1. In the Jewish Biblical History series, the link that is supposed to open “Athens and Jerusalem” opens “The Persian Period” a second time. However, “Athens and Jerusalem” can be found on YouTube. Great videos. Great course.

  2. Dear Dr. Abramson, I have so enjoyed your videos, thank you.
    My I ask you a question? During your talk on the history of the donut in connection with Chanukkah (fascinating!), you mentioned a 13 Century poet-rabbi, from Provence, who wrote a poem about the Chanukkah donut. I would love to read that poem, and especially share it with my good friend, who makes the most heavenly sufganiyot! Thank you so much.

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