Why were the Works of Maimonides burned in 1232?

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Moses Maimonides was one of the greatest scholars of medieval Jewish history, yet his works were hardly without controversy in his day. This video (48m) surveys his life and work, with emphasis on the subsequent controversies and their resolution.

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  1. Shalom honored Dr. Abramson,
    I very much enjoy your History in Daf Yomi column. As a tour guide, it is always interesting to get the historical etc. perspective on something from the Daf.
    Here’s a question re. Megillar 28 where you state that the Magdala “synagouge” most likely was a private villa of a wealthy person. Based on everything I learned abt. that building during different Tour Guide refresher courses and tours there etc. and based on the way the building looks, it seems much more likely that it really served as a small, perhaps privately owned, synagouge. The benches around its sides, the small room up front to the right and of course the most amazingly engraved stone all point much more to it having been a synagouge and not a private villa. Could it be that you mixed up the Magdala synagouge w/the ‘even more and for sure not less amazing’ building uncovered in Huqoq a few kilometers further west up the hills? Over there, there it seems that the excavators are still not 100% convinced that they dug up a public bldg = synagouge or if the bldg. is part of a fancy villa. Looking forward to your reply. Sincerely, Daniel Selig, Tour Guide – Uevelchtecha BaDerech Tours

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