Interwar Germany, Archaeological Forgeries and Biblical History, Upcoming Live Zoom and Book Updates

The Jewish history Lab begins a discussion of the Holocaust.

Premieres today at 12 noon ET (New York Time) with live chat. Join us!

Premieres today at 12 noon ET (New York time) with live chat

Archaeological Forgeries and Biblical History

Discussion of the difficulty of working with forged artifacts and the study of Biblical History. This video is available to YouTube Channel members at the Researcher and Colleague level as well as to students registered in the online course in Biblical Jewish History.

Live Zoom Discussion with Rabbi Moshe Schwed of All Daf (Tuesday at 11:00 am ET)

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Looking forward to this discussion with my colleague Rabbi Moshe Schwed, creator of the wildly successful All Daf app, on the implications of digital learning for Torah and Torah-adjacent study. Register for the Zoom by clicking here.

Online Courses

Biblical Jewish History students: please check your Course Page for new updates to the draft chapters of the volume in progress!

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  1. As historian one can un- or wanted get much bias and a narrative leaning and aswell might to popular view,.. Discern is important as also critical other visions which is unusual to America but lesser to UK or israeli watching. I had connections to folk in region there and know jews are divided harsh on Ukraine and 8 years of bombing on East parts where jews lives (decreased huge by it) either, bombed by co jews, who begged Putin and see Ukr.leaders as agressor, Lemberg (Lembirgh jid.or., Lemberik streetjid., had austrian and polish popul. that each neared 35% and ukr.far less to 25%, and Hungarian and Greek still too, with upon all 88% jew.roots. On postcards you see Lwów, Lemberg, before 1944, 1910 and 1850 direction only Lemberg, a jiddish for (Jerusha-) Laïm- birgh / baruch / L’a(m)em baruch).. as jiddish, Poland just occupied, alike by Stalin after 1944 (since 1939 also Lvov and Lviv),. Before Poland, Mongols, Rus., Kieva, etc occupied but jiddische prefered Lemberg not Liuv or Lviv. Lwów(polish) was earlier but only 2nd before Lemberg (adm., jur.), Lembirgh (rabin., scholar, own intelligencia, Lemberik streettalk low class jid. after 1944 rural ukrainians were pumped in into majority, before 3rd minority after Polish(#2) and Austrian (bef.1917 majority). Many slawic and german and esp. Amer.maps+hist. are not accurat, miss nuance.. Dutch, N./M.Germ., Austrian, Swiss maps are better discerning. Real around Kiëv/Kyiv but Crimea and Galicija/Galižiën (jid.) and Volhynia aswell Donbas were only occupied or shift parts ag.will of most local people and most non- ukr.; Only actual Ukr.borders mislead, since artificial, trivial, “arbitral”(lacking the that leaving SU mend give back to SU resp. Austria (Cronland Galicija/Galiz’ièn) and Poland (parts raylands from Podolia and Volhynia. Relatives and Adonaj showed me visionair(c’hazon) maps aswell fysic ones.. Also pointed me on thoralaw of move back to ‘previous once latest legal borders’ (+not remove frontiers of old), showing map of 1912, 1917 1st-7, and 31.12.1937 as “wireleads”.. Danish vickings founded Ky Liv a, Kiëv, called Rus/Ro(u)sh by balts resp. jiddish. Slavic, Hung., Jew., baltic, Greek mix caused Ukraine, note, above Cosac(Khazar, low bearhat, as iranian, iranianjews, some turks, and russian ‘mix’, high bearhat), Tartar(turk), Petcheneq(mongol), Crimea and NorthBlacksea mid and SE land. In vicking Russ (Kievlands) in northeast near and in NE. of Kiëv the real russia started, it became from a danish to a Great and other “Russia”‘s land. west Kiev in C.Ukr. became real Ukr. (the mix of greek, polishslawic, danish, rus.slawic), these princes occupied “magog” (mo[scow]-Gog) areas of Donbas and bef. and betw. Polish occupations ‘austrian, in fact 88% jew. Galicija, and Podolia and Wolhynia and pumped ‘own ukr.people’ into that. I know too much on Lemberg to call it Lviv (Leopoldi.. translated but in fact olddanish Liv-lån, possesion as crownland.) It was called Wien (Vienna) of the east aswell Jerusalem of the North (see founding on its jew. word roots; birgh has in jid.double rabin.mean. of baruc’h and berg (har)). Jiddish had its origin in the Elsaz-Bourgondia-Schwabia-Cologn-Lux.Limburg region after 2 persecution periods, its last the best known inquisition of Spain 1495; most fled to here and Galicija-Lemberg(h); Lemberg(Lviv,Lwów,Lvov) was with New York, the drifting mass first towns for Jews, only later Lyon, Paris, London, Berlin, later Warsaw, Vilnius=Wilna, ‘Kaunas’,. True story more in middle and nuancuated. Lord showed me Gibeon and Shaul mis-stancs and incorrect acting on high level.. The Church in past and now neoliberalism as uniting religion of (j)izebel(spirit&past isr.queen) so i see it, pumped in weapons. many jews suffered in East 8 years, by bombs on hospitals and civilians and washington or brussel silence.. as equal crime.. and does the Lord not see parts of elite and intelligentia of jews backing this? I admire the nice colour full and sincere set up. I think it got unmend biased and has been a sincere approach. please would like to learn from you also and hopeful we can weigh in the end more as adonaj wants, my friend!🎬🙏 Shalom rabv. (jiddish had 6-8 forms, it started in Schwaben-bourgondia region, but al the way went to UK, USA and Lithuania.. therefore there is not 1 spell or language headform. it was written by lowclass in their west or cyrillic and only by pārt of scholars and rabins in ivrit; also no ivrit jiddish and idem writstyle ladino found.. Many where analfabetic and thus so unfamiliar with hebrew and earlier wrote in local fonetic, even in 1 like west europe or in german area you found various write spell. Shabbat, Çhabvat, Shabos, Schabat, Sjabat(dutch), Chabat(french), Javat/Shavat/Shobat..(a span form)).

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