Jewish History in Ukrainian Maps; WWII Ghettos; When was the Book of Esther written?; Judaism Demystified

I recorded this video just hours before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, motivated by Mr. Putin’s bizarre speech denying the historical legacy of the Ukrainian people. It’s a dense talk, with lots of maps in various languages, intended to demonstrate the millennial role of Ukraine in Jewish history.

The Ghettos

Second brief lecture (10m) in the sequence of talks on the Holocaust, part of the Jewish History Lab series. Premieres today at 12 noon ET (New York Time). For a more sophisticated discussion, please note the free online course on the Holocaust (registration information below). This course now has over 100 students.

When was the Book of Esther Written?

Brief video added to the Biblical Jewish History online course, available also to YouTube channel members at the Researcher and Colleague level. Introduction to some of the more challenging issues related to dating this book.

Judaism Demystified Podcast

I recently enjoyed a conversation with the Judaism Demystified team, Ben Koren and Benzion Siouni. Wide-ranging discussion of methodological and philosophical approaches to the study of Jewish History.

Online Courses

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