Register (free) for Twelve Live Lectures on the Jews of Ashkenaz

With gratitude to The Ashkenazium and its Dean, Dr. Michael Chighel, I am pleased to offer twelve lectures on the history of Jews in Ashkenaz to the global audience. Please visit to register for free!

Can’t make the live classes? No problem. Sign up for the course I put together to prepare my Hungarian students for the lectures: A Thousand Years of Ashkenaz. As the Twelve new lectures are produced, I hope to post the lectures in the course for future students.

Enjoy in good health!

A Selection of Historically Significant Ukrainian Jews

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  1. Apropos the Paul of Tarsus lecture that I just watched and couldn’t comment on… My dad was a tent maker and two of my brothers have continued the family business (in Pretoria, South Africa) and often joke about being frum Jewish tent makers. Especially as they often deal with very religious Christians.

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