Limmud Mexico Lectures (keynote with James Carroll, author of Constantine’s Sword); Did Jews Go Quietly to their Deaths in the Holocaust?; Jews in Padua, Ferrara and the Old Cemetery of Lido (Venice)

Explora tu Judaísmo at Limmud Mexico this Shabbat!

Very honored to share the stage with James Carroll, author of the National Book Award-winning Constantine’s Sword this coming Shabbat at Limmud Mexico. Our joint keynote address will focus on the topic of “Jews in the Christian Mind; Christians in the Jewish Mind.” I’ll be speaking on Shabbat day on the Spanish translation of The Kabbalah of Forgiveness and on Sunday looking at the history of the Jews of Ukraine. Kosher, Shabbat-observant friendly environment, of course! Click here for more information:

Powerful New Video from the Team at Unpacked

Brilliant, evocative script by Ali Elbaz and powerfully narrated by Becky Tahel. My small role was as educational consultant for the background research. This film is a great example of the great work done by the team at Unpacked, very proud to work with them.

The Jews of Padua, Ferrara, and the Old Lido Cemetery of Venice

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