The Jesus Mary Synagogue of Mexico City; New Podcast on Jewish History Unpacked; Upcoming Lectures in Jewish History; Entrevista al Dr. Henry Abramson (in English)

What happens when two young Jewish history nerds start to schmooze? This.

Here’s the first episode of Jewish History Unpacked, a new project of OpenDoc Media. Under the leadership of Rivky Stern, two young Jewish history enthusiasts spend a little time with me in a mini-seminar, and then I leave them alone with the microphone to talk about what they’ve learned. It’s pretty surprising and entertaining, and mercifully free of the pedantry some might associate with graybeard historians (ahem). We’ve got a bunch more episodes in the works, but please click here or on the image to listen and subscribe for free!

Visiting the Jewish Community of Mexico City

Premieres at 12 noon ET. Join me for a live chat!

Upcoming Lectures

Monday, November 21, 8:00 pm at Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst.

Part VI: The Synagogue and the Emergent Church (Wednesday at 7:30)

Beth Jacob Congregation (

Brief discussion with Dr. Daniel Fainstein, Dean of Jewish Studies at Universidad Hebraica (in English)

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