Jewish Life in the (not so) Dark Ages; Is Printing a Jewish Invention? Babatha: The Jewish Mom of Ancient Times

Final Episode of Season One, and it’s PHENOMENAL.

I feel so honored to have worked with this amazing team at Unpacked on the Jewish History Unpacked podcast. We are thrilled that it has received such a positive response, ranking #1 in Judaism podcasts for the first few weeks and remaining in the top ten ever since. Please check out how Schwab and Yael explore the amazing history of Babatha, a 2nd-century woman who found herself caught up in the Bar Kochba rebellion. It’s a jaw-dropper. Click here to hear the whole series:

Is Printing a Jewish Invention? Maybe not (but it should be)

Premieres at 10:00 am ET with live chat. Join us for a conversation about this amazing new discovery!

Jewish Life in the (not so) Dark Ages (new lecture series!)

Live classes open to the Five Towns community and YILC membership, Zoom link for YouTube Channel Members (Colleagues) available on the Community Tab. Revised recordings forthcoming.

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