Celebrating the Chevra Kadisha in Riverdale; Ukrainians and Jews in Edmonton; Book Sale; Byzantine Era Synagogues

I am deeply honored to address the Chevra Kadisha at the Riverdale Jewish Center at their annual 7 Adar celebration. The “Holy Association” is a group of men and women who undertake, usually on a volunteer basis, the difficult task of preparing our deceased loved ones for burial. If you are in the neighborhood, please join us.

Thanks to the History, Religion, and Classics Graduate Students’ Association at the University of Alberta for inviting me to deliver the keynote address at their conference this Thursday evening. Unless you are in Edmonton, please join us via Zoom (RSVP at www.bit.ly/JEWISHUK1000, more information on the conference at www.hcrgsa.ca/keynoteandroundtable). Please note that the times listed are MST.

Book Sale

Now reduced from $24.95 to $18.00.

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