Three Jewish Roman Soldiers? In Germany? In the FIRST CENTURY BCE???; The Birth of Ashkenaz in Budapest; New Unpacked Videos

This is just an amazing find.

The Birth of Ashkenaz: Graduate Seminar in Budapest this May

Thrilled to be returning to the Ashkenazium later this summer to spend time with some really brilliant European students looking at the Birth of Ashkenaz. Here’s the course description, please visit for more information:

A survey of the earliest Jewish communities of Europe that formed the nucleus of Ashkenazic civilization, 900-1400 CE. Population movements from northern Italy and the Iberian Peninsula will be studied, as well as the early medieval charters that established the legal basis for Jewish settlement. Emphasis will be placed on the unique characteristics of the Ashkenazic experience, and how they led to lasting innovations in communal organization and cultural development. Unfortunately the course will be taught by a Litvak, with absolutely no sense of humour, but Hasidim will be standing by to resuscitate as necessary.

A Thousand Years of Ashkenaz
A Thousand Years of Ashkenaz

New Unpacked Videos

Very pleased to be working closely with the really talented, amazing team at Unpacked. Here’s a few new videos to which I had the privilege of contributing.

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