Jewish Humor (even during the 9 Days); The Jews of Antwerp; Ashkenazim in Woodmere and upcomingTisha B’Av Lectures (RSVP for Webinar)

Surprisingly insightful look at the nature of Jewish humor

At first I was concerned that this was released during the 9 Days, but it actually has a lot of relevance to this sad time of the year. Very proud–as always–to have had a small role in putting this together with the remarkable team at Unpacked.

The Jews of Antwerp

Really looking forward to visiting Antwerp with Kosher Riverboat Cruises!

Monday Night: Live in Woodmere

Part I seemed to go well. Conclusion this Monday night, no recording planned.

The Church and the Jews in 13th c. Ashkenaz

Premieres Sunday 10am ET with live chat

Tisha B’Av Lectures

Shaharit is scheduled for 7:15 am.

Please RSVP at

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