Origins of Polish Jewry; Who Was Walter Süsskind? Elephants, Jews and Medieval Art (National Geographic Article); See you at the National Jewish Retreat! Matt Baker on Jewish Denoinations

The Ashkenazi Migration to Eastern Europe

Last video in the Birth of Ashkenaz series. Join me for a live chat!

Jewish Hero Saves 600 Children in Nazi-Occupied Amsterdam

Tom Metcalfe on Elephants in Medieval Art in National Geographic

Really honored to be interviewed for this fascinating National Geographic piece on the depictions of elephants in medieval art. Here’s the link to the article, although you might need to subscribe to see it:

National Jewish Retreat in Palm Springs, CA

Really looking to speaking here: the audiences are apparently very intelligent! Better not tell any jokes.

Matt Baker on Jewish Denominations

Matt Baker makes some really informative videos with great emphasis on the use of charts. I was happy to offer some comments on a revised version of his video on Jewish Denominations. I’m sure we could still quibble a bit–as they say, “two Jews, three opinions”–but this is a very helpful overview.

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