Who was Avraham Maimuni?

Lecture on Avraham ben HaRambam, an important Jewish leader and scholar of 13th century Egypt. Best known as the son of the illustrious Maimonides, Avraham Maimuni was a brilliant thinker whose descendants led the Jewish community of Egypt for nearly 200 years.


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Jewish History in Christian Context

By popular demand, I’ve set up a new playlist of my lectures that cater to students of the Jewish roots of Christianity and selected lectures on the experience of Jews living in Christian lands.  Enjoy in good health!

The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln

Please enjoy this week’s column in the Five Towns Jewish Times, a discussion of the memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln, a remarkable woman from 17th-century Germany.

Who Was Count Emicho? Jews and the First Crusade

Lecture on Count Emicho and the Jews of Germany during the First Crusade (1096).

Here’s a link to the Prezi.

Who was King Bulan of Khazaria? Jewish Biography as History

Presentation on the history of the Khazar conversion to Judaism, with updated material based on recent research.

Judah Maccabee (Jewish Biography as History) First Lecture of the Fall 2015 Lecture Series!

We begin the Fall 2015 Lectures in Jewish History series with a presentation on the life and work of Judah (Yehudah) Maccabee, famed military commander of the Hasmonean revolt. Enjoy in good health!

Here’s the link to the Prezi.

Jewish History Lectures Resume October 19 at Avenue J


A Community Project of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences

Monday Evenings, 7-8 pm, 1602 Avenue J, Brooklyn NY 11230

Beginning October 19, 2015

Open to the Community

Separate Seating

All Lectures are Free of Charge

Fall 2015 Jewish History Lectures

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Who was Viktor Frankl? Jewish Biography as History


Viktor Frankl was a noted psychologist whose experience in the Holocaust formed the basis of logotherapy, his therapeutic approach to help people find meaning in suffering and in life.

Who Was Sigmund Freud? Jewish Biography as History


A brief biography of Sigmund Freud, with emphasis on his Jewish background and identity. Part of the Jewish Biography as History Series, more available at http://www.henryabramson.com.

Modern Antisemitism (Essential Lectures in Jewish History)

An introduction to the major themes in modern antisemitic ideology (1880-present). Warning: not quite as nasty as the lecture on medieval antisemitism, but disturbing nevertheless. Part of the Essential Lectures in Jewish History series, more available at http://www.henryabramson.com.