Betty Friedan: Jews and American Feminism

Betty Friedan in 1960. Source: Wikipedia Commons
Betty Friedan in 1960. Source: Wikipedia Commons

A presentation on the life and work of Betty Friedan, a prominent American Jewish feminist leader. The author of the landmark The Feminine Mystique (1963), she later became the Founder of the National Organization of Women, and an important political activist for women’s rights.  The lecture was held at the Young Israel of Bal Harbour on May 29, 2013.



  1. Moishe Cohen says:

    I was enjoying the lecture and I think you said that Carl removed two letters from his name “Friedman” to make it Friedan. A closer look would show that his name change only removed one letter: “M”.

  2. ahuva katzin says:

    I believe that title of her most famous book was “The Feminine Mystique” (like you wrote above) and not “The Feminist Mystique” which is how it was written in the powerpoint. 🙂

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