Josephus Against Apion (Jewish History @ Avenue J)

Lecture on Against Apion, an important literary response to antisemitism in the Roman Empire written by the 1st century historian Flavius Josephus.

And here’s the Prezi:

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  1. You were fantastic. It was like being there. Sharp visual. Like how you jumped in when sound went off. Even the tops of the heads looked familiar. If you can get the camera to stay focused a little longer while you are speaking, it would be helpful in realizing your points of reference. Josephus was a name my Christian friends would speak of when I knew little about him and their frame of reference. Thank you. All that was missing was the coffee to warm us in the freezing AC of Bal Harbour Shul.
    I don’t tweet or facebook.

  2. I thought the picture of the Colosseum was sardonic since it was built with the spoils of the Temple.
    I believe the only source of Josephus’ role in Yodfat was his own writings. I believe that there was one other survivor to the suicide pact he described.

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