March 2016 Lectures: Jews of the 18th Century

Jewish History @ Avenue J

A Community Project of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences

1602 Avenue J

Monday Nights, 7-8pm

Free and Open to the Community

Lectures by Dean Henry Abramson

No hard questions, please.

March 7: R. Pinhas Hurwitz

Author of the influential Sefer Ha-Brit, the work of Rabbi Hurwitz represented the growing influence of modern science in Jewish thought.

March 14. R. Moshe Hagiz

An aggressive opponent of Sabbateanism, Rabbi Hagiz was a staunch defender of Jewish tradition.

March 21. R. Jacob Emden 

Known equally for his Talmudic brilliance and polemic nature, Rabbi Emden’s life illustrates the trials and tribulations of Jewish communal leadership. 

March 28. R. David Sinzheim 

Appointed to Napoleon’s controversial Grand Sanhedrin, Rabbi Sinzheim articulated a modus vivendi for Jews in the political awakenings of the late 18th century. 

Photo: the amazing Yaakov Naumi/Flash 90.

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