Love Jewish history, especially when spiced with radical politics? Consider clicking right here to sponsor Monday night’s lecture on Emma Goldman, dubbed “the most dangerous woman in America” by the FBI! Here’s a video featuring a few of her comments after briefly returning to America fifteen years after she was deported to the Soviet Union.  My favorite line: when asked what she thought of Italy, Goldman replied “beautiful country, minus Mussolini.”

Anyway–she’s a fascinating figure, a pioneering political thinker that influenced American society, particularly in the realm of women’s rights. Despite the moniker “Red Emma,” she was an Anarachist, not a Communist, and in fact was an early critic of Stalin’s Russia. Sponsor this lecture so we can get on with the task of educating our students!

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  1. This should be another controversial historical figure for your series. I’m glad that the photos and film footage was helpful. I wish that my budget would permit me to sponsor more than 1 lecture a semester. You know about the unexpected expenses we had in June. Thank you for your prayers. Everything is going well now.

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