1. didaskologos says:

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    Another great lecture from my good friend Dr. Henry Abrahmson

  2. Heimisher Mentsh says:

    A masterful synopsis masterfully presented by a master in his field.
    I do realise this sounds a bit over the top. Yet I feel compelled to thank Abramson for essentially putting me in the know on many important parts of our history.

    Astonishingly, despite seeking order and rationale in his handling of these historic episodes, Abramson does not only maintains the spirit of innocence and pure emunah – he encourages and champions it. Thus his presentations are not only kosher; they are not only glat kosher, they are an educational delight for every Torah person.

    I have some contextual (picked up that word from Artscroll) comments which I hope to send separately in an email.

    Thank You

  3. didaskologos says:

    Great lecture. I saw where you were on the verge of telling a joke, but were saved by a question 😉 I think that it was great to have Rabbi Berel Wein present in your audience. I’ve watched many of his brief YouTube discussions on Jewish history, but you have always been my favorite lecturer and teacher.

    Until we see each other again, may the One God be with you, may His countenance shine upon you and may He guide you for all of the days of your life.


  4. Pat says:

    Really enjoy hearing about Maimonides, his is such an incredible story. Thank you.

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