Donations from Max Sklar, Suzanne Parella; last chance for sponsors for Emma Goldman lecture

Good morning fans of Jewish History! Really pleased to have positive response on the beautiful Jewish History bookmarks we’ve been sending out (send your mailing address if you’d like one)! Thanks to donors Max Sklar and Suzanne Parella who recently contributed to the Jewish History Scholarship Fund for our students. Meanwhile, we’re still looking for a sponsor for the “Who Was Emma Goldman?” lecture scheduled for tomorrow night–please visit the Friends of Jewish History crowdfunding page to earn the eternal Internet gratitude of thousands of Jewish History fans!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i see you did not put up the lecture from last night online.
    I understand it takes time..
    Could you put the prezi link though first, so i can prepare for watching the lecture later?
    Thanks Eli Rabber, Antwerp, Belgium

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