Thank you.

I was deeply moved by the kind support of my research into the life of the Aish Kodesh at the book launch this week. By all accounts, it was a wonderful evening–we had such a diverse crowd in attendance, from pious Hasidim well familiar with the Piaseczno Rebbe to students who knew nothing about his heroic activity in the Warsaw Ghetto. The atmosphere was electric as we explored the remarkable story of the discovery of the Rebbe’s writings and his profound words of consolation and faith from the depths of the Holocaust.
Thanks to all of you who were able to participate. May we merit to share many more meaningful occasions together in the future.


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  1. I found a mistake in your lecture on Jabotinsky. You mentioned the city of Beitar that fell in around 70CE, but as far as I know, Beitar is associated with the Bar~Kochba revolt in 132~135 CE. That aside, all of your lectures are excellent, thank you! Eric Grosser

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