Mr. Hunter Ross Loren Receives Award for Scholarly Enthusiasm in Jewish History

Meet Mr. Hunter Ross Loren, a precocious 13-year old who, together with his uncle Alan Loren, contacted me this week to discuss Jewish history. Hunter is an avid fan of Jewish history–especially, of all things, the Jews of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth–and he is probably my youngest student online. As a follow-up to his Bar Mitzvah, his uncle arranged to come visit me in my office at the Mighty Avenue J campus of Touro College to ask me some really hard questions (thankfully, I survived–they were actually quite excellent questions).

In recognition of his academic prowess, we prepared a small certificate for him, recognizing his Scholarly Enthusiasm and Excellence. Thanks to my assistant, Ms. Jamie Venezia, for masterminding the execution of this moment.

Congratulations Mr. Loren! Your family should be very proud of you. Looking forward to seeing your name on a book in a few years…



  1. Mark Bellamy says:

    You are always doing things Henry.

  2. Mark Bellamy says:

    It was supposed say you are always doing good things Henry

    1. Thank you—it was fun to recognize his efforts.

  3. Hey, this was just fun. It’s nice to meet young scholars.

    1. Michael Heller says:

      That is a very beautiful gesture and can be the basis of a lifelong desire for knowledge. Thank you.

      1. Thanks—let’s hope it encourages him to keep studying Jewish history!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations all!

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