The Jewish Catacombs of Ancient Rome (Jews of Italy Part II)

Hello everyone–it’s still a while till our first public lecture on campus, but I was so fascinated by this topic I had to talk about it with you. I hope you enjoy the video!

Don’t forget to print out and post the Spring 2019 Schedule of Lectures on your refrigerator of your home, or wherever you end up eating. Really looking forward to our first Brooklyn lecture in February, preceded only by a few talks in Surfside, Manhattan and Passaic.


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  1. Unfortunately In Vigna Randanini the Jewish burials have been desecrated and there are bones strewn left and right all throughout the catacombs, it is very important that all Jews be aware of this because VISITING THESE CATTACOMBS is 100% “Nivul Hamet” (abomination of the dead) which is very problematic as well as promoting other Jews to do the same and ensure that the bones NEVER receive a proper Jewish burial.

    It is important to know that extensive reburials according to Halacha have been recently done at the Jewish catacombs of Villa Torlonia (Mussolini’s ex villa) which will hopefully be open to the public in the future, this is surely a fine option to visit both culturally and acording to Halacha.

    Please do NOT visit the catacombs at Vigna Randanini and urge anyone you know not to and to protest against any visit which difiles and ecourages further desecration of our ancestors who were certainly on a very high spiritual level.
    Much pressure needs to be put on them so that they allow teams of holy Jews to step in and simply give the bones a proper burial and they can then open up to the public, exactly as has been done with Villa Torlonia.
    Thank you

  2. Rabbi your lecture are very rewarding to me.Excellent work.i am a Sephardic from Cairo Egypt my parents never discussed our heritage.again your lecture were very enlightening to me thank you very jokes need improvement.thank you

  3. Hi Rabbi, Being from the community, I could not visit Jewish Catacomb with my daughter in 2015 because the person in Great Synagogue of Rome asked for exorbitant price. We saw Christian catacombs being a tourist attraction. Your talk is highly informative and motivated. G-d willing, maybe next occasion. I am blessed to visit as Indian to all major Jewish places in the world including tomb of Esther & Mordechai and Prophet Daniel. Please send more talks by you. Regards, Samir

  4. Thank you for sharing this video! I teach art history and it has been difficult to find such good, sort of bite-size, content on the Jewish catacombs in Rome to share with my students.

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