Jewish History in Daf Yomi Begins April 2019

Hello fellow students of Jewish history!

I am delighted to inform you that, beginning in April 2019, we will embark on a pilot project to explore the historical aspects of the Talmud as part of the incredible OU Daf Yomi Initiative led by Rabbi Moshe Schwed. We will start with tractate Bechoros and, with favorable feedback, we plan to continue with the audacious goal of recording brief (5-minute) lectures on historical aspects of the entire Talmud, coinciding with the Daf Yomi cycle. We’re talking about 2,711 Jewish History lectures. I. can’t. wait.

Since this is a very specialized approach to Jewish history–that is, in connection with the daily study of one folio of Talmud a day, which is set to begin the next cycle in January 2020–I don’t intend to send our regular emails from this account. Please keep your eye on for updates, or my new YouTube channel dedicated to this project: Jewish History in Daf Yomi.

Looking forward to learning with you!

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